👋 hi there!
i'm alison1, a product designer at gamma.
we're working on a new medium to replace the slide deck (it's a way cooler and more powerful version of this page)!
want to see some examples of what gamma can do? here are a couple of decks i've made recently:
tattarama ->
camping & dogs & camping with dogs ->
i'm also a retired barista, a serial hobbyist (current obsessions include ceramics, crochet, watercolors), and i'm a fervent shill for my favorite things (ask me about t-pain, doc martens, and holey grail donuts).
i'm not currently seeking a new role, but while you're here, why don't you check out my friends?
👀 that's enough about me
one of the best parts of my transition into product design has been getting to build community. let me introduce you to some of the amazing friends i've made along the way!
susan du
susan du (formerly @class)
product designer and boba enthusiast with a background in education and instructional design. thoughtful and action-oriented, with boundless compassion to boot 💪
julia gab
julia gab (@hack for la)
a los angeles based product designer and artist with a diverse skillset from years in the service industry. hackathon queen, polyglot, and perseverance incarnate 👑
christie kim mendoza
christie kim mendoza (@microsoft)
paid media manager turned product designer with a sharp eye, the biggest heart, and tremendous visual and verbal communication skills 🎨
amanda nguyen
amanda nguyen (@allbirds)
a swiss army knife of a designer. amanda is a former user researcher, current product designer, and perpetual ray of sunshine ☀️
kristy tran
kristy tran (@doc.ai)
have you ever met someone impossibly cool and grounded? that's kristy — on top of that, she's a talented product designer and phenomenal illustrator 🧠